Friday, 25 October 2013

Tough on Sanity, and the causes of Sanity

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Since a year before I was last born, I have been collecting coins etc from the highways and byways of my area and have amassed a decent bucket of money for when I need it most (when I buy a house). In all that time, there are 2 things we've never found: a £50 note and a wallet with money in it. Yesterday we broke this deadlock by finding a loaded wallet. A cursory examination showed it belonged to (out of a world of possibilities, FFS) Dear Blog Follower Martin, so under Rule 3 I was not allowed to scarf the contents and returned it unmolested.
Mufti day at my school so chose to wear red, as befits. As it's half-term (woo-hoo) I brought back bagfuls of quality workmanship that the teachers don't want to fill the bins with and I won some sweeties but not as many as Ben (he has a massive packet) and I was one of the exclusive recipients (the whole class) of a ticket to the Polar Express which will be visiting my school shortly and which enables me to wear pyjamas on that day and also bring in my green security blanket. You can bring in a teddy bear but Bud has advised me to never reveal the existence of said blanket (made by Nanna for my most recent birth) in case my classmates say what Johnny said about 3 years ago ie ner ner you've still got a baby blankie. It could have been an error of Boblical proportions.
Anyway, although I swam merrily and found pennies on the changing room floor and wondered why there was a girl getting changed next to me and I told the swimming teacher how to get to my blog and stuff, nothing worth reporting happened so that's it. Apparently my ghost writer is even more ghostly as he starts work at 0500 now and does Saturdays because of overtime. He goes to bed before me, aha.

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