Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fiesta de la cerveza ... número tres?

her majesty dockyard portsmouthirving brewery groundlings theatre beer festivalDue to the early morning sensitivities of the beer drinkers I have been specifically requested to be quiet and play Lego rather than jump on beds at the crack of dawn. So I ran up and down shouting about Lego from 8am, is that OK?
anchor outside royal naval dockyard portsmouthToday is another disjointed day due to the 3rd annual PuddleDaddies Beer Festival so don't expect much sense from this.
royal naval dockyard model exhibitionAs soon as we'd parked (6th floor of the multi-storey) we hit the dockyard and met Ben and the JBs.
Elizabeth's mum had put on a special exhibition of ships and Lego just for us so we built and marvelled and wore the hats.
Obviously I invited them round to mine for more Lego and that was great until 2 of them had to go downstairs for being bad and Bob kicked me right in the bedroom because I got him in the face with some Lego so Jof said I can't have any friends for a week: this will be difficult as I work with them.

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  1. Ben says Sadly I won't see you for a week. But you did ban me from your room when I asked you why you were throwing Lego. So really I can't come round anyway.


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