Thursday, 24 October 2013

Eat Sleep Park Repeat

agency healthcare research and quality go see a doctorEngland continue their World Cup qualifying campaign against surprise new entrant Serboatia and HerzeBosnica. This team may be unknown but international players in the squad include:
Defenders Boylt Cabbic and Mödl Villic, midfielders Rapen Pillic and Dedi Nadic, and Captain Sven Yuric.
Bonus item today was an open afternoon. Bud picked me up early from a French lesson (I really should have told him I was learning French) and we walked past Erin playing tennis in the quad to my classroom.
boy roaring at suspended dragonThe format is pretty similar to my last school: we all have a gaily decorated named plastic drawer to keep our books in, wall displays with our reading progress, a class homepage with Ben getting an award for football and reading (are these not mutually exclusive?) and a stiflingly hot and humid atmosphere with gruesome undertones of gym plimsoll and the sweat of thousands of past pupils.
writing books year 3 pop-up card spelling booksI showed him my drawers (one item of particular interest to koumpounophobics) and the cushioned 'Chill-out Zone' in the corner with its Bedouin veils. We toured the school to discover:
The music room was shut
Mr Thingy the drum teacher was wearing Tudor costumes, as were the rest of the Year 5 + 6 staff faculty
milton barn amateur dramatics associationThe school is fairly symmetrical but toilets are unevenly distributed
In the IT lab I tried to log on to my own blog. Blogs and forums are blocked by policy.
I scooted home and Thursday Park was cancelled as everyone else was absent. We took a football to the park and kicked it about and threw it at each other on various obstacles and met someone from JB's school and played a game called Bushwhacking and The Punishment Conker in which we did ball-passy (like keepy-uppy) and whoever lost the ball in the prickly bush got the punishment conker thrown at them. This was quite good until I got one in the nip and we stopped.

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