Monday, 14 October 2013

Hectored by Harpies: lose 2 goes

kronenwetter man mistaken for squirrel news tv funny fail
Began the new week with a clean slate and got on with Ben just fine. The alleged argument of Saturday was all just a bad dream so I will never mention it again.
Was sent back in to get the homework I forgot at the weekend. I know I'm supposed to have a little drawer or tub or box or whatever in which to secrete all of my equipment, but it's amazing how many times I can wander up and down in the deserted school looking for my book. The man had locked the gate by the time I emerged blinking into the unreasonable solar radiation.
mungo military vehicleOn the way home I was showing off my cunning stunts on the scooter (which means swinging it up into the air and banging it wheel down onto the pavement) when some bits fell off it. He says he might not buy me the big swish one that Cal has got if I treat my stuff like that.
But I had to complete the homework and so I did the silly sentences and wrote out the instructions for brushing my teeth, if only I followed them.
Last night I was playing Top (Ace) Trumps with Jof, the military vehicles version. Never guess what one of them is called. I don't remember licensing my name for an airborne vehicle (looks a bit heavy to fly).
After Beavers Ben said could he borrow my scooter. I said no, because I was under orders not to see him outside of work, even though I'd just spent an hour playing with him. This is a HAL9000 error, and as confusing for me as it was disappointing for him. On the way home, the park gate was locked. This will come as a shock to those clearly visible dog walkers and teenagers we could see in there.

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