Monday, 28 October 2013


corniche coast road closed in high windsA day off.
As promised, we used up the free Blue Reef ticket that Jof got from her work. Parking miles away to avoid paying the meter, we battled against storm force winds along the seafront. Hardly anyone was hardy enough to be out there, apart from lots of workmen dismantling the Great South Run fencing and hospitality tents. The seafront road was closed due to the inclement weather but we didn't mind it, I wore a woolly hat with extra ear covers. I am reminded that Erin likes pinging my ears (which stick out a bit) but I get her back by clamping her bottom with my Action Man grip-action hands.
The sea was so full of waves it had extensively remodelled the shape of the beach and had thrown up lots of debris and seaweed miles from the shoreline. If you throw an item straight up into the air, it goes up and then 50 yards sideways. We surprised some distant seagulls by throwing a blue washing-up glove at them in this fashion.
walk through fish tankAt the Blue Reef aquarium, I marvelled at all the fish and reptiles and amphibians and was reminded just how cute, playful and terminally whiffy the otters really are. The shop had run out of the very good cups with Nemofish in them so I despondently bought a rubber stingray for bath fizzer nights, and some fossilized sharks teeth, never know when you'll need them.
On the way back to the car, we got totally Napoleon Blownaparte and he attacked me with flying seaweed from 50 yards away, what few people were on the promenade nearly got hit as well.
We continued our Giant Lego Challenge (another 2 hours of stiff joints) and waited for the delivery man with our new mattress. Anywhere between 2pm and 9pm, how helpful. It was 930 when Jof phoned them to enquire casually when they planned to deliver it, they said Yes, Madam, you're booked in for next Monday, we did tell you. Oh dear.

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