Monday, 21 October 2013

Man of Bronze (Hemimetic polyalloy)

googling on facebook funny failBit of a rush this morning what with discovering the unopened letter in my school bag and having to buy the ticket for the Halloween disco at the last minute. I didn't have any money in my school satchel (spent it in the tuck shop) and Jof only had £2 spare (needed to buy bus ticket) so I had to go back to the office after hours with the extra £1.
Today we did a rehearsal for the Year 3 play (The Secret LadyGarden) in which we all had to line up while the teacher called out bingo numbers and pretend to be: hedgehogs both hungry and hibernate-ey, foxes both slinky and growly, butterflies both couchant and rampant, trees - well, deciduous and coniferous I suppose, and frogs, moist and ribbetty. I am assured that this will make a generally acceptable display, you're not looking for Olivier at this stage.
beaver scouts saluting for promise I am allowed Ben back again. My week of self-imposed exile (an auto-Coventry) has finished, with only a few social slip-ups (Thursday Park with the whole gang, Ben and Erin at school the whole week, Ben at Beavers, double Poppy) which are mere postscript-details in the grand scheme of things.
So although he arrived late and scooterless (terminally kaputzki scooter) we Legoed very happily until it was time to run to Beavers. Ben can run further than me but as he wants to be a policeman who plays for Manchester United, he'll have to be fit to chase bank robbers (Liverpool).
We did the chase-attack game and Bud tripped me up deliberately and I banged my nose on the woodchips and started to cry. Ben said O I see he's crying again and miraculously I stopped immediately.
chief scout bronze award for badges bluebird presiding portsmouth scoutsDuring Beavers, about 4 of them got notice that they will be promoted to Cubs after half term, 2 new ones did their promise and then I was one of 4 that got pulled to the front for Badge-time! I got the Chief Scout's Bronze award which was hand-sewn by Bear Grylls himself while hanging upside down by a liana in Ecuador. You only get it if you have all the Diamond achievement activity badges.
In Cubs you get the Silver, Scouts the Gold and if you go up to super-adventurous extra scouts, you can get the Platinum and the Queen's award. OBE from Buckingham Palace, here we come.
I declared I'd had a great 4 days, with 3 kinds of swimming and lots of victory.

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