Saturday, 26 October 2013

Praise be to Gourd

blues brother sunglasses on cool dudeJof fed me because he was at work. I got out of the terrible chore of walking to the park by opting to go shopping with Jof. She has a bus pass but it's one she had to buy because she isn't 60 yet.
We walked to the bus stop which is further than the park and I gibbered and pranced and quacked and capered all the way. In Southsea we wandered from shop to shop and used a local greengrocer to buy our pumpkin. He had gourds of many surreal shapes and colours so we chose one each.
I am now saving up all my money to get the big Star Wars set (£102), only £94 left to go! Once we got home I volunteered to clear shelves and cupboards to earn money. The big shelving unit in the lounge yielded many out-of-date vouchers and old letters and birthday cards and 6 pairs of glasses of various prescriptions and 2 cat towels and a cork with a 5p in it.
a pub in your shed garage dartboard football flags I enjoyed the 3 OHP lenses of epic proportions and the 74 pens and the spare shoulder strap for a bag that we took to the charity shop months ago and the dead rubber bands and the small plastic nob of unknown derivation. However anything that I myself made (such as a Mother's day card from 3 years ago) I will defend to the death and moved them all to my room. I am supposed to tidy my room as part of the great recycle/tidy drive but I always get distracted by Lego, you know how tough it can be.
Later I played a bit of darts in the pub at the bottom of the garden. I'm not really very good yet but did enjoy telling him he was no good either.

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