Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Strike while the ion is Positive

#538 bus sign going nowhere in particular funnyNice relaxing morning apart from where I had to get up. The childcare of the day was right near Jof's work so she took me in.
There were 61 people in YMCA today, you could have hidden half that amount in the vast pile of coats and bags, should have got a picture of it. Eva of Wimborne was there with me but that's it.
I was in the clay model-making class, most of us turned out exhibits that look suspiciously like those little curled-up dog poos. I signed mine 'Max Worms' having Anglicized the original Maximilian Würms.
ymca daycamp activity clay model makingAt Gymnastics the GymnastiGirlie took us to one side afterwards and said I was old enough to go into the next class. To be fair, even for someone as vertically challenged as me, I was the tallest and a clear foot over the only other 2 boys in the group. I will get to use the vaults, bars, beams, jumping boards, and other complicated equipment.
As soon as we got back I folded myself up on the sofa for an hour. When supper was called I emerged and suddenly my legs started to hurt again. However much I cried into my supper, I elicited no sympathy from Jof! I couldn't believe it. I dribbled and burbled and cried and coughed and dripped but she just got angry and sent me to an early shower and bed, no supper, with a toxic addendum of no TV forever, in fact, not even allowed in the lounge. But after my shower she came upstairs and I won her over using only my smiling face, earnest laughter and a Mother's undying love.

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