Friday, 4 October 2013

Scraping like ships in the night

trailer overloaded with hay straw makes tractor do a wheelieLast night I was ready for bed by 830 pm. I can't have that, I said, so I got an extra half an hour's activity clearing my bedroom floor of Lego, ostensibly so that I can practise camping in preparation for the Beaver sleepover. So I really didn't want to get up this morning, but at least we were able to hoover my carpet this afternoon.
Scooted home from school with only an agreed slight diversion through the park to stock up on conkers. I guess I was first there.
Clearly you can never have too many of these tactile tesserae, I believe I will patent them as stress relievers, much like the little red squares of bubble sheet.
grassland covered with conkers horse chestnuts
We promised ourselves a direct route through the chestnut fields, with no sideways movement. We could have filled a skip. In the end I distended my school shirt with a couple of pounds of potential trees.
I am now a blue hat in swimming. This means I get to plough up and down the lanes doing real actual lengths. In backstroke you can't see where you're going, many people collided with swimmers going the other way but I managed glancing blows only, like the Titanic and her iceberg lover.

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