Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Pyramid of Fails

composite picture of doodlesUp late due to a busy day yesterday, what are Sundays for.
Jof needed some JofTime so she went shopping for hours, leaving strict instructions to do something together.
But I wanted the bath fizzer night I was owed from last night and thus, between noon and 1pm I had an hour in the bath singing to my toys. Then we did drawing even though I had crinkly fingers.
Our tried and tested method is as follows. I come up with something strange and he has to draw it: repeat process until the A3 page is full. Thus we have started with a My Little Glitterpony, a dog with a violin bow for arms playing a violin, a bird eating breakfast cereal and a bow and arrow shooting a dartboard.
We got all the winter stuff out of the loft. I've got an awful lot of coats, hats, scarves, gloves etc.
Ages ago I won a free family pass to the Pyramids Centre (indoor swimming pool with wave machine and waterslides) and today was the day I was going to take Ben, the arguments of yesterday conveniently forgotten. For ages we searched and finally found it: the ticket ran out 6 weeks ago so I have extracted a promise to go next week at full price. Humph.
I am full of contrition for getting Bob in the face with Lego, a friendless life would be dull.

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