Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Gathering Storm

cheese eating surrender monkeys french white flag on moon funny
Very wet start to the day but also hot. I believe it is the monsoon season, lent to us by Bangladesh in return for Wrong Direction tickets.
halloween home made poster witches cyclops pumpkin demonsToday I display my piece of resistance, hauntingly entitled "Happy Halaween", which is the muslim equivalent. Replete with all the usual iconic paraphernalia from levitating humans to unhappy cats, flying witches to sine-waving Cyclopes, it features a rather gaunt goast and demon informing the levitating humans that they will obay.
alexandra park mountbatten centre portsmouthThe afternoon was hot and dry with no hint that it had been wet. I failed to achieve my next gymnastics badge because I just can't balance my frog for long enough. I did not get angry: I got even and went straight to the park for arm exercises. I fervently believe that if I can do 2 chin-ups and 2 press-ups then I will balance my amphibian successfully, so I started there.
laundrette scales for weighing human or laundryThis would have made us quite late home so we compounded this by getting stuck in football traffic and going to our beautiful laundrette. We had a load to pick up, it wasn't just to see the young ladies with their advantageous curvology but when I weighed myself on the scales, one of them decided to try it as well. Even in my shoes I only made 60 pounds (27 1/2 kilos) because I have such a little bottom.
Later we watched the thunderstorm briefly but I get bored if there isn't lightning every 4 seconds because I could be watching TV instead. The rain came down lots and certainly tested out our new drains and made League 2 side "Wycombe" feel not the slightest bit welcome on the south coast. They abandoned the game, nice going, storm.

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