Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sophie's Choice

there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots, the other wings. hodding carter donor sibling registryfunny motivational posterThe last visit to Grandma-of-the-past is in a coffee shop in Salisbury again. While we were spending £££ on some funny foreign coins for my collection, Jof ambled into a charity shop and bought these two red dinosaurs for £5 the pair. Eventually we discovered the little articulating switch at the base of the tail (dorsal, not ventral, that would have been rude) which made them twist and roar and claw and gnash, just like the real things. Grandma loved them, as did I, until I sold them on at the school fair for £5 the pair.
woodchip safety flooring in playgroundI have my Ninja conker-disseminating kit ready by the front door and have planned locations to 'Geocache' them (stashing them in the ground) like a 4 foot squirrel of insanity.
But it's been raining all day and BensMum has invited me round for discrete Lego, maybe more.
So. Do I invent and make some kind of waterproof all-over body Wellington boot and take my conker kit to the deserted waterlogged park, or do I stay in the warm and build Lego Heroes?
portsmouth parksIn the end, certain people were wrong to trust the Weather-guessers because the rain was entirely absent, and the venue was switched at the last minute like a 1980s rave. He said let's ride the bike to Yellow Plum Park, I objected moanily with extra high-pitched whining. But we found a route that hardly involved any roads and all of a sudden I loved it.
Honey May-Knott and Erin and Ben and the JBs and the Buy-one-get-one-free Twins and the tiny girl that had nose-butted the gate and some additional smaller people were there for my pleasure. We climbed. We played football. We made rules in the bushes and Ben broke them. We played the "Throw the football at the people on the swings" game. We played "Is there a Grandmother in the abandoned sports bag?" We cycled round and round, further and further away, and swapped bikes. Like one of those special parties where you put your car keys in a pudding bowl, we could have gone home with any bike if we weren't watching, for one by one we rode them all.
moorings way estate portsmouthAn hour and a half later, nobody wanted to go home, and that's the only time the bleating started. I may have been wrong to complain about cycling, and everyone may have been wrong when we thought we'll never have as good a day again. We will, for we keep doing so.
Incidentally, that Karma Suture book must be about extreme sewing, looking at the positions those people got into.
Also incidentally, we got the Halloween stuff out of the loft for re-use and assessment. Some of it is a little small, damaged or embarrassing. I think we'll get rid of the chicken suit. What I really want are the 21 inch light-up tombstones available in the New Braunfels marketplace ($6.99), Texans do Halloween so much better.

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