Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Chunder-Pumpkin Society

cutting pumpkins and gourds for halloweenSo the time is here again. Jof took me to childminding and I elected not to do the all-day Blue Reef Aquarium trip as A) I did it, like, 2 days ago and the invasive aroma of un-toilet-trained otters haunts me still and B) I found many joyous items on the list to do without having to walk anywhere.
Primarily I did Monster-making but some random 3 year-old totally destroyed it, as they do.
But Costume-making was better. I decided to be King (who else) and made a Royal Mace with accessories ie removable Golden Fist of Doom, and some smoke bombs for Ninja escapes. It comes with lasers and force-field fitted as standard, Satnav on the SE models only. Eva and Poppy C and Stanley and a few others helped me, a much better showing than yesterday.
We played hide-and-seek and I got to be Toy-boy King with an older Queen. Then at last he picked me up and we followed Jofs' orders.
Many people have done vomiting Pumpkins, and all of them are better than ours, I'm sure. But I really enjoyed designing the faces and stabbing them with the SAS knife and scurfing out the innards with a giant spoon.
carved pumpkins vomitingOK, so I don't really like pink Sambuca because of the aniseed but I'm good at sticking out my tongue. The alien gourd was too tough to cut so had to pretend to be a Halloween limpet mine. I personally added the stringy bits coming out of the nose for I will experience nasal ejecta later in life if I choose the loser/boozer route.
Jof helped me with the homework which is making many many words ending in -le. I suspect that you could just Google it but that'd be obvious. Jof did a hundred of the easy ones in about 10 minutes because she's really good at word games, Bud did a load of strange science-based ones and I was left to fill in the obvious ones that nobody else had thought of.

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