Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Pyramid of Success

indoor swimming fun waterslides wave machineNobody moved until 10am today so I watched TV quietly.
Today was the promised trip to the Pyramids waterfun centre to make up for failing to go last week. I stepped out of the door and nearly got struck by lightning. It rained heavily upon us, chasing us from the watery environment of the car park to the even wetter swimming pools.
One of the pools was closed due to staff shortages and I didn't go on the red waterslide but I did go on the blue one (for smaller people) and showed off my new abilities of swimming underwater, trying to do handstands and jumping in pretending to get shot.
giant ships anchor on southsea seafront
Total anchor
I was there for several wave alerts and did some floating. Jof is a champion floater, she just lies there and is buoyant. Bud sinks. I am somewhere in between, but definitely erring on the floaty side. I can do a really good impression of "dead body in sea" so I should be in demand as an extra in future films involving naval battles etc.
Well, we got nearly 2 hours swallowing poolwater I suppose but then Jof got hungry so we hit the Wimpy by Pirate Pete's for some chicken nuggets of a certain quality. I threw a few rocks and played on the arcade games, winning one small teddy bear and 2 cupcakes, cast in resin and painted exuberant colours. No idea what I'm going to do with them.

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