Sunday, 27 October 2013

The BUPA Great South Run 2013

A little tiny bit windy and rainy last night but nothing compared to the hurricane we're promised tonight. The BBC weatherguesser says do not go out unless absolutely essential so that clearly means go directly out and look for fallen trees, upside-down yachts on the motorway and sea creatures unknown to science stranded in Canoe Lake.
The clocks changed so I was up pestering Jof about what chores I could do to earn Lego money (only £93 to go) at 0715: apparently if I do that again I will only have £193 to go.
Then all of a sudden he was in running shorts again and on his bike, looking for a job. I think that's what he said. Jof and I pootled about a bit and then walked a carefully chosen route to the seafront avoiding my nemesis pavement, where bad things always happen. We had planned to meet Elizabeth in the same place as we failed to last year.
I walked a long way to get to the sea, I'll have you know. I deserve praise. Anyway, Mr StupidHead ventured past us on schedule as planned but we never saw Elizabeth or her Mum. We crossed the road by the lovely cricket pitch where Ben and the JBs introduced me to decent cricket training and we saw him again coming the other way but the gale-force wind had taken its toll. That was the least pleasant part of the 10 mile gruelling slog, as the wind practically made the runners float backwards. Incidentally, if you look in the background of the photo in front of Mr Orange shirt, between the 2 cars on the other side of the road, you will see Elizabeth waving and her mum in her striped scarf. But we never met them, because we were the other side of the road from last year, and they were the other side of the ... oh dear. Also, a wardrobe malfunction in which the shorts appear to have significantly grown in waistline since he took up running.
st helens parade runners in 10 mile road race portsmouth great south run
Then I was tired and hungry so I polished off a rather decently priced plate in Debenhams cafeteria and we bought him some chilli sauce and got a bus home.
Jof required lonesome-time at the supermarket so I did Lego with him and we made a Star Wars Battle-Cruiser of epic proportions that I want to enter into the next competition. Is there one? I'm still smarting from when the Museum Exhibit people rang me up to ask if my Dr Doofenschmirtz tower was still intact.
Then I locked all the doors and windows because of the impending cyclone. The downstairs bathroom nearly didn't open again, maybe we ought to fix the lock.
BTW. Run result - 1 hour 16 mins, 4 mins better than last year.

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