Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Life is short but then so am I

silly hells angel motorbikeYesterday I refused to get out of bed to go to school. Bud says he's charged up the cattleprod, don't know why, we don't have any cattle.

I like nothing more than playing shops with my foreign coin collection and 7 or 8 of the people in my head.
Today, early trading in Falkland Island Penny stocks was brisk in a bullish market. My broker had forecast market volatility in precious metals, pebbles and dried conkers. After a monetary policy meeting analysing rising inflationary pressures against the currency exchange rate history of the Cheese Dunker against the Tin Soldier, we opted to go for a reverse swap auction in the safe haven of the Turkey Dinosaur niche market.
I tried some risk-free Lego spread trading but Bud said I had to tidy it up. No bonus.
Expert analysis in real-time Blueberry prices via my live RSS newsfeed was bearish: but after some aggressive and unauthorised trading in Chocolate Cake derivatives, even with 400:1 leverage, I was overextended and bankrupted by a run on Kit Kats.
My account was closed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and I went off to watch Tom and Jerry.
Later we finished the lego Fire Station (with Police sub-branch) and cleared the room for the builders.
giant lego fortress
Yes. So you may well have solid walls, sensible doors, windows and 2 offices but you must also have rotating boats with 3 kinds of propeller, eyes, a formidable selection of forward stabbers, etc etc.

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  1. How's your park hedge trading going? I hear coal's good these days from my mum...


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