Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Professor is IN

see-saw in waverley road park portsmouth st swithins schoolThis morning I was rudely awoken from a dream (in which I was making loudspeakers out of hundreds of coloured balls) by the doorbell at 10am. It was the man that had come to replace our car windscreen that had been cracked by a stone. We'd been driving around for ages with an 18 inch long wiggly crack, but it was under the windscreen wipers so we hadn't noticed.
Did a few hours' work in the garden. Bud assembled my new Xmas wheelbarrow and I trundled up and down getting in the way.
ryde to portsmouth hovercraft landing on a shingle beachBut by 4 Bud was bored so, even though I wanted sofatime, he forced me into a bike ride I suddenly realised I really wanted. We have this thing .... I tell him where we're going to go, and he's only allowed to suggest things like 'cross road now while there's a zebra crossing' etc.
Henry 8th's Castle, portsmouth boy cyclist sitting on viewing bench by southsea bandstandThat way, we end up going to random places because I have no sense of direction. This time we went to the JoniBobs' school because there's a little swing park next to it that, incredibly, we've never been to before. I tried everything out and we pressed on. Our furthest point was Pirate Pete's so we threw stones in the sea and watched the hovercraft land. As if I wasn't having enough fun, he bought me an ice cream from a van and I chose to try out Cola flavour: I love it! What better place to eat ice cream than by Henry's castle. After that we went home because I was a bit cold. Total journey length: 5 ½ miles, and an absolutely Nun-spanking day to do it on, sunny with a sea that was flat and lots of girlies that weren't.
ice cream at sunset over the solent

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