Friday, 11 March 2011

Leading light of the scene, know what I mean

unreasonable speed limit, 19 mph
Invented a new game at going home time. Loosely based on "What's the time, Mr Wolf?", it involved me having a grump when Bud wouldn't tell me what his surprise was and then refusing to move unless he walked away and didn't look back. I therefore went home an average of 50 extremely slow yards behind him. Bud called the game "WTF's the point, Mr Wolf?" and laughed at me again.
industrial crushing machine ready, pull lever for actionStill, met the ErinFamily in Tesco on their way to the dreaded land of valleys and leeks and sheep, don't know what Bud was on about, ErinsMum wasn't sad at all even though she was forty-hundred yesterday, she seemed very happy to be driving away.
professional torturing machine go! lever depressedWhen we got home, I found the surprise. The Calibration, Metrology and Receiving Inspection department at Bud's work had been having a clearout and true to form, he riffled through the bins like the pikey he is. (Work friends Ross and Fiona are always calling him a pikey for going through the bins, but everyone has to eat) So he got a really nice wooden box to put his model paints in and I got a Driller Killer adjustable Zoomer and torture set! It's really good for performing heart surgery, drilling, accurate heating and a million other operations on small toys and other objects! Simply place Buzz Lightyear on the Central Scrutinizer's Death platform, directly under the vertically mounted drilling laser, and pull the lever. The platform rises smoothly and Kryptonite is injected directly into his chest! In this case I am heating a small pile of coins.

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