Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Another day, another 1.7 trillion Zimbabwean Dollars

segway fail, pushing a pram on a segway
I hear ErinsMum has tried to buy another house. Let's hope this one goes better than the last one.
Oh dear. It's show and tell today, and I haven't got anything ready (Postgrad thesis late). Perhaps I should take in 548 conkers.
Park day today!
pyramid of ropes milton park climbing activity

The park was busy but OtherMax had managed to bag the last red bench. The JoniBobs arrived and Ben followed with one of his schoolfriends. We all worked hard as usual, played the coat game and so forth. Picnic #1 was on the grass until the climbing frames beckoned. 
gather round for a picnic on the grassBut soon enough, Bottomless Bob was hungry again so we all went for a power-meeting in the Radio Station Executive Cafe like last week and finished off all the food. Erin and Rabbit Jack made it with only 15 minutes to go which meant they missed out on the Buffet but they got on with climbing anyway. Ben had a wee in a bush, which, due to it being winter, was little more than a couple of twigs, ho ho.
milton park portsmouth safety woodchipsWe learn that Erin's new intended house is just around the corner from the JoniBobs, hope that doesn't mean competition for the affections of my favourite Femme Fatale. We chased, attacked and bombarded ErinsDad with wood chips, makes a change from Bud, we've done him over so often it's just getting old, you know?
After an hour and a half of quality park action, exeunt severally. To be fair, I also visited a bush.
My school curriculum involves "The children will learn about plants and how they grow". I've had my own flowerbed for 3 years now so potted up and labelled some beans, tomatoes and sunflowers for this season. I'm doing pumpkins again and extra climbing beans.
Jof forgot her doctor's appointment. Looks like she's missed out on that Psych referral, then.....

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