Wednesday, 30 March 2011

*BUNE* "We have reached our cruising altitude of 33,000 feet......"

lick willies, neon motel sign
3 and 2 days ago the weatherman (rainguesser) said that Wednesday park would be totally rained off so I've made arrangements. Now he says it'll be fine. So what should we expect tomorrow? Tsunami? Rain of frogs? 37-hour day from a binary star system?
Shared my umbrella home with Erin in a touching display of teamwork. Outside our house we met the Pops: she's going to the Isle of Wight on a school trip! That must be a cool school if they go to another country for the day. Baby Edward is now a year old but probably weighs the same as me. Went round to LittleMax's for tea. Anybody else I'd like to meet today? The Royal Marines Marching Band? Elvis? The man who banged the gong at the beginning of J.Arthur Rank's films?
hide and seek with a differenceAt LittleMax's place I ate (amongst other things) 3 roast potatoes. I have never eaten my mother's roast potatoes because I don't like them, which makes her sad. I wonder if any other parents have this difficulty. We played treasure hunt and a variation on the theme called Singo Dingo in which the finder has to find both the object and the hider: this makes the "hotter, colder..." thing a bit more difficult.
Made Mother's day cards for both Grandmas: this will save Bud and Jof buying them. I just hope they like glitter, small aeroplane stickers.....

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