Monday, 7 March 2011

Out on the open road (John Hiatt)

I can watch TV while playing the penny whistle or the xylophone. Can you?
reclaimed land wildlife refuge reed beds portsmouth
happy luncher, harvester all-you-can-eat eastern road portsmouth
After the supermarket Bud drove us to a carpark by the sea on Harts Farm Way, Havant. From there I cycled along the bike path that goes by the shore along the motorway, down the Eastern Road to the Harvester where we met Jof for lunch. They do a salad bowl that you fill up as many times as you like so I pigged out on sweetcorn, cucumber and 2 types of crunchy thing while waiting for my scampi: I was practically full before the main meal arrived. 3 trips to the toilet later we split again and raced Jof home. In a moment of indecision I turned the wrong way and rode straight out into the Eastern Road just when there weren't any cars. Bud shouted at me a lot and I sulked all the way home through the reclaimed land in front of Bens' house.
rhythm'n'blues vocalist and guitaristWe stopped off at Erins' place and picked her up for a playdate, she brought her scooter so we raced each other to mine. She scoots pretty quickly for a girl.
There was a standard sulk interlude but then we got all the instruments out again which always cheers us up.
On her way out she rested her head dutifully upon my shoulder as befits an underling, which is fine. But then she tried to kiss me and it was, like, gaaark! so I ran away screaming.
 The distance for today's bikeride: 5 ¼ miles, so not actually as much as you'd think.

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