Saturday, 5 March 2011

Stop! Do not attempt to move it!

dont go out without a coat bransbury park climbing frames Saturday is great: I slept for 13 hours. In no hurry whatsoever we (Jof came with us!) wandered down to the bottlebank and on to tunnel park to investigate the new climbing frame.
It's got a rope to pull yourself up, a straight slide and a curly slide, a rock wall, dangling frame, 4 other access points and so forth. If you roll a golf ball down the straight slide it goes right out of the park (what do you mean, you haven't tried that?). I then chose some flowers for ErinsMum, for I am trying to get on the right side of her. Mmm.
We all had a great time but it's lucky we got home when we did because as soon as we got back, my bottom exploded. I'd mostly made it onto the toilet but not quite. I had to have an emergency shower. I have now had the bright green bottie-burbles 6 times so far. Ah well, squit happens. When Bud was my age, he was in South Africa (Knysna, Johannesburg) and had the ludicrous death-squits something chronic, had to wash his own trousers in the sea outside the shark nets.
 Bud had an excellent idea about a bike ride-cum-lunch date for tomorrow. Sadly when he rang Ben, Ben was in Pizza hut in London so cannot join in, ditto the JoniBobs (no answer) so looks like I'll have to do the 6-7 mile ride by myself. Bud and Jof have promised me that they'll be there when I get home.


  1. Pizza Express, dear Mungles, not Pizza Hut - Ben

  2. Apologies. I myself have enjoyed the pizza hunt so much it blinded me to the possibilities of other pizza vendors


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