Thursday, 17 March 2011

Back in the Retox Clinic

kid in heavy trafficFootball day again and Ben and the JoniBobs joined me for a pre-match warmup using the ball I got from the Spinnaker Tower. Once the training proper had got under way we actually concentrated and worked hard on our tasks instead of messing about.
bransbury park all weather football pitchesThere were only a couple of brief howlings and it wasn't until 10 minutes before the end that Ben and Johnny's attention wandered and they stopped footballing and started shooting each other with light sabres. Fortunately they were on opposing sides so their treachery sort of cancelled out. There were the usual drinks/food breaks, I had a banana and jaffa cakes. During one of these sessions Bud noticed Ben pocketing something he'd found at the side of the football pitch, for some reason BensMum really wanted to take them away from him. They were 2 small zip-top plastic bags with a little bit of crunchy smelly leaves and a light dusting of sparkly crystal things. I don't know why she was so interested in taking them away, anything with that many smiley faces on the front must be something that makes you happy. I dunno, adults.
mother confiscates marijuana drug bags from her child portsmouth

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