Monday, 7 March 2011

Double Tequila Mockingbird please, on the rocks

baby hanging spellcheck, baby changingMy bottom still has the green jets of doom. So I couldn't go to school today and I will retain Bud's services for another day off tomorrow. Such unbridled joy etc.....                    When Bud got back from work Jof went for a nap so we went down the park. It was lovely and sunny and there were representatives from my class and many other schools. I took a transform-a-bot/pterodactyl which was not hugely useful in the park environment but then we found a doorkey which we threw back and forth to each other. You don't have to spend money to have fun. Then down to enormous B+Q for 3 bags of compost and a bucket of chicken manure: if you arrange the bags vertically within the trolley, wedge the bucket at the front and sit astride it, you can hold the bucket handle and ride 'em cowboy! Nobody mentioned health and safety at all, they were too busy grinning at me. Adults should probably not try this unless you have had many lagers.
After a couple of hours we woke Jof up because it's parents evening and it's her turn to speak to the teachers behind my back.
At 2145 I finished playing spider solitaire with Jof, apparently I have strong numeracy.

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