Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Absinthe makes the tart grow blonder

]children at red metal bench in parkmenu disaster, dork bowelsWednesday park was brilliant. It seemed that almost everyone we knew was down there.
look out, here I come. slide with human obstacles I could see several school jerseys from my class as well as the JoniBobs, Erin, OtherMax and sister, Zak, Zena and Rosie and plenty more. I guess they all had the same idea, get outside in the sunshine and warmth. It may still be March but most of us were in short sleeves and a few in short trousers. The Ice Cream Van Man had the same idea too so we all trooped off to see him, I got a cone with flake, same as Johnny. Then we climbed and played as usual, I brought 2 bouncy balls so that gave us plenty to argue over.

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