Thursday, 10 March 2011

Y'all dance if you need to

green krap drink
Let's hope the green kraps have finished.

Think I might start a Nigerian 419 scam.
"I am the future leader of humanity but unfortunately I am unfairly incarcerated in a Spanish jail. I have chosen YOU to assist me, please forward $25,000 to my account so I can bribe the Prison Warden and I will reward you with a decent part of the Earth, which I shall shortly inherit."
It's got to be worth a try.

affectionate football players, a hug on the pitchI hear that ErinsMum locked ErinsDad out in the back garden while she went off for a bath or something. I guess the obstreperous nature runs in the female side of the family so I'm sympathetic to his plight. The fact that in a later, separate incident, the shower cubicle lock broke off, trapping him on the wrong side of another door only earns him greater kudos in his fight against the unfairness of reality.
barclays spaces for sports bransbury park footballA few days ago Johnny was bouncing on the sofa going look at me hurrah hurrah when he fell off *clang*, getting an egg-selent raised bruise on his forehead. I envied this status symbol so walked into the railings outside he pub on the way back from school so we could be bruise buddies. Sadly they couldn't make it to Thursday Football so missed that photo-op. Footy was great, Jof came to witness my new-found abilities coming on in leaps and bounds and Ben wore his shinpads outside his trousers.
He was very affectionate but then also booted the ball right into my chest, so mixed messages there.
During the match we played as joint goalkeeper so we could blame the numerous goals conceded on each other. Ben and I were on the orange team - we got an overvest which I insisted on tucking in so it didn't look like I was wearing a dress. I scored an absolutely cracking goal, chipping the keeper and doing a celebratory dance until the teacher person said I'd scored at the wrong end.

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