Tuesday, 29 March 2011


green play area milton park portsmouthRain. Lucky I planted out the sweet peas at the weekend to welcome it.
Looking forward to a visit from Erin today, apparently Bud told her to do exactly what I tell her so it should be OK.
Passed 4000 pageviews on my blog last night. Nice.
AND it's measuring day, let's see if I've grown.
Erin came round and we played golf and cricket in the back garden while the parents discussed the undoubted medicinal benefits of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) when added to Bacardi and coke on a summer's evening. But we can't stick the stumps into flagstones so went down the park instead.
measuring my height against the bedroom doorWe all had a go at batting and bowling and running away from the very friendly and numerous dogs that thought the ball and bats were for them. After a while it became funnier to throw the bats and try to drag Bud off to prison (Erin has a certain fixation) and then for no apparent reason she started to chase me wanting a kiss. I hid in the bushes but then a pending poo forced us home.
We played shops: all coins must be drilled and banged before sale.
It was measuring day: I have grown 1 centimetre in the last 3 months: I may need to start drinking the blue fertiliser water Bud puts on the plants - they seem to grow faster than I do.

After supper we did some more stickers and it was hometime for Erin. Not bad at all - we're learning to avoid arguments, maybe there's hope for us yet.

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