Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Gone Loco parentis

stay out of the pine coffins, warning in undertakers
I'd better be better today. Can't miss any more school.
Much better. Completed a working day with only 2 toilets.
throwing woodchips on your coats gameToday I specifically asked to play with some boys instead of with Erin, it's not just her insolence and failure to obey, it's that Girls don't understand the finer points of Giant Dinosaur Attack and Gun-sharing protocols. It just so happened that it was Wednesday park day so after a quick toilet danced my way to the park and met the JoniBobs. We played with some bouncy balls and invented a coat game where you jump off the climbing frame and lose points if you land on a coat. This meant we all had to go coatless which wasn't so good for me as I didn't have a jumper. After that we started on the food which is when we suddenly made extra friends from the junior school next to mine; we all hid in our "radio station" under the slide and ate everything.
Park action was cut short by another toilet but at least we got nearly an hour of throwing woodchips at Bud.
All in all a good day, got away with it at school by having 1 noisy toilet before and 4 after.
picnic in the park, alfrescoHelped Jof sand down the woodwork for tomorrow's painting, I had my own sanding block and everything.

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