Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rhinestone Cowboy Vs the Abalone Ranger

squirting toilet, toyJof snuck off work early today so picked me up. When I got home I had my favourite snack which is sticks of mature cheddar rolled up in slices of ham. I love it when Bud does it because he glues it all together with pate for an extra calorific hit but today I had it plain. watching builders at workI found him outside rebuilding the bonfire. There were bags of cement and bricks and watering cans and gloves and all sorts of other fun stuff so within seconds I was all cementy, against direct orders. My punishment was to go and play football on a lovely afternoon with my mates Ben and Bobert (Johnny was unable to play due to a prior appointment with the Sulk Doctor). Three courses of bricks have been completed and I can see 3 large air vents. The one at the front is where we stick fireworks when we've had a couple too many cheese'n'ham rollies - the chortle portal, 'cos it always makes us laugh.
library book warning sign, don't rip the booksThis is my school project from our class trip to the library. Asked to design a sign that suits the location I came up with this sage comment and even included a character to convey this simple message. I'm not sure where Bob the Banana Angel came from but he's now on the fridge.

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