Sunday, 20 March 2011

Homunculus domestica

train track on the floor between 2 roomsStrolled up for 9-ish, I suppose, morningbreath and all. Had my slab of blood pudding and special chicken egg on toast and then avoided doing any work by playing jigsaws with Jof and watching telly.
I left Bud to do the supermarket on his own, don't know how he did the packing without me. If I'd gone with him to big B+Q I'd have met ex-Puddlers Erin and Lois W who live near Yellow Plum Park. It turned out that the large bricks he's buying to re-create the bonfire are apparently last year's stock so going through the tills at 1p each. He went back and got a second load.
In the afternoon I visited Erin for ages and did train track again, when they're in the new house we'll combine tracks because she's got all the straight bits and junctions but I've got bridges and flyovers. Length is all very well but sometimes you need a bit of up and down, right?

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