Monday, 14 March 2011

Have YOU got what it takes?

suspect product - mangoThis afternoon we shall go down to the charity shop to attempt to buy back the School Library book that Jof kindly donated to them last week. I have discovered (through protracted experiment) that Ben's giant shark can hold 203 pieces of Lego. This quality feat of capacity analysis was marred only by my declaration that it was twenty-hundred and 3. No amount of laughter and logic would shift me from this official position although I did concede it might have been 2003.
Disaster! The charity shop has sold my school book. We bought a similar book and will forge a school property stamp and try to get away with it. Nipped over to Tunnel Park with the bouncy ball we found in the street on yesterday's bike ride: we threw it to each other in the empty tennis courts. When I throw, the ball may be released anywhere within 359º of my plotted trajectory - a wide and unpredictable arc of fire - so that meant lots of running around retrieving the ball for both of us. I deserved my sofa.
Jof was out on a company junket to PlayZone of all places (I had my 4th Birthday party there) - so I was asleep before she got back.

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