Monday, 28 March 2011

Get your ass to Mars

.....although it's probably unfair sending a domesticated ruminant to an airless planet.
pumpkin, green bean and broad bean seedlings
Show'n'tell again. They just don't give up, now we're not allowed to take toys of any sort, I'm going to have to start thinking.....
On the way home from school made playdates with 2 friends, it'd be 20 if I had my way. Played cricket in the garden with Bud - I'm not very good yet. Jof has banned me from TV for a day so inveigled my way onto the computer while Bud was washing up. Before the hot water was run I'd inadvertently clicked on an advert which had covered my game in a new window. Sat and shouted for help which was another mistake, lost my place at the PC. Too many rules!
Here are my beans, pumpkins and sunflowers. I am a fertility God.

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