Monday, 29 February 2016

Dip me in Beer and Throw me to the Drunk Chicks

japanese road sign funny failWell, it was back to school again because you just can't avoid these things.
The teachers have started a Pokémon club because people have been getting into fights after being sold or swapped fake Poke cards - they needed a controlled exchange environment. Today someone still got booted out of the club for passing a dodgy Psyduck. I have changed tactics and am no longer going for the 'One of each' approach, I'm now collecting EX cards. I'm told they're all as worthless as each other but I'm sure that isn't true.
wynnster satellite 12 pod tents with groundsheetI also missed half my lunchbreak because a group of us were pulled into the IT suite to program a Lego Robot. Let's hope it doesn't rebel against its Humanoid masters.
I tried to negotiate a shorter run but failed. In fact, now when we stop for a breather, we actually stop instead of walking on, because if I make a particularly long speech (always) I can walk half the course, and he cottoned on. Last week, I said I had to stop running because my lips hurt.
5th portsmouth cub scout packThen we tried to sell some tents to make space in the Scout garage. I tried to look moody and bored but giggled.
Flynn arrived with some new Pokémons and I swapped some for a Poke badge and then we chased each other round the house killing each other with Nerf guns. Cub Scouts was loud with Dodgeball and another badge in Environmental Studies and James T played electric guitar and James S was promoted to Scouts.

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