Saturday, 13 February 2016

The 8 Levels of Energy

Started early with some chickpea-harvesting and dragon-fighting and village-invading that is the basic currency of online pointless-gaming.
*The new game on the tablet I promised to tell you about: Star Wars: you choose 3 good characters to go against the nasties. The rubbishest goods are the koalas from #6, they have attack damage of 6 and health of 6 so are only good as scouts. But if they espy that the stormtrooper bunker has no toilet and they have to wizz against a tree leaving the back door open, that'd be worth it. The worst good player is the upended shopping baskets that whizz around the smooth death star floors. They have healths of 1 and attack damage of 1 - its move is 'Sniff'.
I was wearing a dressing gown which is never quite enough but equally, just that little bit too much effort to go and put some pyjamas on.
assorted funny foreign coins collectionIn acting I took my Valentine's card (a more appropriate one this time) but Sydney wasn't there this week. We did the 8 levels of energy which range;
Sleeping Lions. Inactive.
Bambi on ice. Dozy but making the effort.
Where's my Keys. Wandering aimlessly.
Will I, won't I. Go up to various items in house, decide not to, and walk away again.
Factory Scene. Normal, everyday.
School bus is coming. (edgy, unsettled action, like coming up on acid)
Mum and Dad are home (and I haven't tidied my room).
Pepsi Max. (High-energy insanity)
Then we acted out various levels at each other and had to guess, then we went to Tesco to buy lunch (Pepsi Max level) and I sunk onto the sofa for the duration (Sleeping Lions mode). I didn't run because it was raining.
During this we got a new bag of funny foreign coins which scored 34 new coins for my collection! Later I insisted on Monopoly and it looks like Jof will die soon.

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