Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Steers and Queers

Today was my official day off so mostly I set up my new Hay Day app with an old Facebook account I set up earlier. Obviously I was 13+ when I did that, so no problem there. Therefore the rest of the day was spent in a HayDaze aha apart from when it was time for my run.
Bud was working late and had delegated the task of accompanying me on my run to Jof. This turned out to be the wrong way round and I had to do the whole Regimental Sergeant Major thing on her with the shouting and cajoling and no you can't go home early or stop for a cup of tea and ignore the little kids pointing and laughing and at the end she hurt all over but life without pain has no meaning.
I got a bit of meaning myself in gymnastics when I went backwards over the big pork pie roller thingy and crumpled onto my own arm, for a minute there I thought I'd broken it again but in no time at all I was back laughing. Selected movie night: Star Wars 6 (with the Koala tribe) and bed possibly that little bit too late.

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