Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Three-Legged Stone Eater

little naked girl in bathtub that looks naughtySo at school today we did mini-auditions for the Year 5 assembly/performance. We have not yet been given scripts, running orders, been cast in roles, told what the roles are, or practically anything about the entire event other than it is Star Wars-themed and we might be showing off some of our work. Maybe I'll know more tomorrow, maybe I won't, that's school for you.
In extra-swimming we asked Mother Superior whether I could move up to the next group, and when would Miss Jenny tell us. But she said that Miss Jenny retired today and she herself would retire next week, given that she's 74 and her knees are giving her gyp.
ethnic aboriginal design on tourist plateWhere does that leave us students of the hydrological arts? Will we have to go back to Red Hat group because nobody remembers us? I am worried that I'll have to wear armbands again.
Today's stupid picture is about the myth of the 3-legged Stone Eater. This secretive creature (could be an ambiguous amphibian or a mystic mollusc) inhabits the pond of Edge Grove, the boys-only preparatory school I attended in 1977 (previous incarnation) and to this day, it is unknown even whether it is a 3-legged entity that eats rocks or a rather picky eater that only consumes 3-legged stones.
southsea pier and isle of wight at sunset
So I am eating 3-legged pebbles because I am on a silicaceous diet.
Then I still did my 2.25 kilometre run after my hour of swimming, and here's another seafront sunset because they're nice.

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