Friday, 5 February 2016

Block Withdrawals (in Spades)

stupid dog hole in lawn
Well at last we've been given the scripts for the Year 5 assembly, and roles have been allocated. Some students were not happy but I'm sanguine.
I'm Newsreader #2 and I have 5 lines so am seriously under-utilized but with 80 kids to find parts for, I'm just happy to be there, like Simon Pegg in Star Trek.
And I was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for helping a fellow pupil with her paragraph, every sentence started with "He was..." so I broke it up a bit and improved some of the spelling. Given that I'm unlikely to be called upon to contribute to the OED any time soon, my fellow pupil must be as clever as a doorstop.
I did my 2 1/4 km run and actively looked forward to increasing the distance so I can run to new and interesting places, I've been circumnavigating that park for, like, 8 years.
collection of gardening tools and dartboardBut my exercise was not finished for the day as I still had normal swimming. Miss Jenny was supposed to take our class but she retired yesterday which is just a lack of effort, if you ask me. So we had to double up with the Dark Blue Hats and I won every race. They say I might move up to Silver Hat soon, just like Jof when she was young.
At home we got some gardening tools out in preparation for tidying up Mr Maggot's garden. He died in bed and wasn't found for 2 months so was eaten by flies and now we have to tidy up so the estate agent can take nice photos. I have been assured that Mr Maggot himself has long gone, although I could do with a skull for a novelty item, putting either a dribbly candle on it, or a lightbulb in it. I've got a human skull, but I'm kinda using it right now so a spare could be useful.
Then I took down 4 boxes of Lego from the loft, or rather my assistant did. I have only 1 hour of computer games per day and however much I complain, it turns out that I have bags of free time, even with the 5 different classes I go to each week and the daily runs and stuff.
So I withdrew my train track, and all the randomly-shaped bits but not the humanoids or the flats or the bricks (far too heavy, quite dangerous getting them up there, let alone making an uncontrolled descent).

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