Sunday, 28 February 2016

Can Cows Climb Pyramids?

lego mayan pyramid and ak47Well, I was first up again and hid under the table in the lounge to play on my tablet. First to join me was Bud, he had breakfast so I moved through into the dining room and hid under the dining table to play on my tablet. I am going through a table phase.
Jof appeared in the afternoon but I was still naked so I put on some pyjamas, an upgrade of sorts. I have some homework and I was forced into doing it. 'Create a Mayan panorama' or similar, out of anything you like.
This was a situation begging for Lego, so we got even more of it down out of the loft and Jof helped me build a shallow-sided grey edifice and we populated it with gold, skeletons, an Indiana Jones-type on a horse and various animals and plants.
lego rifle gun I argued that a sacred cow should be placed at the summit but Jof says they can't climb steps, unlike donkeys, which have been known to ascend the tightly wound staircases of Minarets and not be able to get down again. I do not have a Lego donkey.
So we put a double-headed god at the top with a monkey for good measure, and I made a Lego AK57 (the improved version).

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