Sunday, 21 February 2016

HazMat: Will Travel

pokemon duel with duplicate cardsSundays! I love them. Breakfast was 1130 again and then Jof was suddenly doing housework and tidying up, because I had Matteo booked for a Pokémon playdate. He is in my scout group and apparently in the same school class as my friend Robert but claims not to know him. He arrived with his mother who can talk for England, or more accurately, Italy, and we disappeared upstairs to exchange cards. As it happens, all his are of an older variety so no good for me, and we chose to actually play Pokémon Trainer Attack and Klash-of-Klans and X-box and Lego Heroes and all the usual stuff. We'll have to see if I made a sufficiently good impression to be invited to his place another time.

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