Tuesday, 9 February 2016

♪♪ They Zika him here, they Zika him there ♪♫

engrish product name fail
The aroma of sausage rolls pervaded the house this morning as Jof baked her way towards 500. Feeding the 500 is something that we've heard of before, but the modern-day equivalent is sausage rolls, carrot sticks, cucumber slices etc. I elected not to attend the Valentine's sorry, Friendship Disco and of course I changed my mind later, but it was too late.
In school swimming my relay team were definitely going to win until Child C took 3rd length and floundered like a slug drowning. I am wondering whether sabotage next week to get us a replacement swimmer might not be a good idea.
The rain stopped just in time for my afternoon run and I chatted and walked so much to recover from the chatting that it took 25 minutes. At least we didn't go through the Slough of Despond today. I have found yet another new epic awesome game on the tablet called BoomBeach, in which you build bases and train armies and launch attacks and it's absolutely identical to all the other ones only slightly sandier.
party food sausage rolls carrot sticksSo Jof spent the day preparing food for the Disco and working herself into the ground again. She hates kids which is fine but didn't add arsenic to the food. But they ate all of the cucumber and carrots and left half the sausage rolls, pizza and sandwiches (kids are as mad as barnacles, and those barnacles are barking), so boy O boy do we have a lot to hand out at Wednesday park tomorrow.
I did the best in my gym class for the cartwheel-onto-padded mat and remembered that I hadn't done my homework. I therefore knocked up a thesis on one of my favourite aliens, which was the Predator from such films as Predator, Predator 2 and Alien Versus Predator. We even have a Predator model from one of the film festivals. I shall have to say I have memorized all the details from stories told to me, those film certificates are just guidelines, right?

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