Monday, 22 February 2016

What came first, the Pullet or the Bullet?

drunk girls passed out funny failGoodness me, doesn't the morning come around quickly when you want to stay up and watch another film. So at school today we tidied up the last bits of our old topic such as researching and presenting findings on our solar system.
I chose the old Powerpoint presentation and used as many amusing fonts, slide-changing special effects and display tricks as I could. I've heard of visual aid fatigue but I'm having none of it. But I put in lots of decent information and managed to answer questions on it, even calling the Earth my current home planet.
I really didn't want to go for my run because the only cure for tiredness is 14 hours of videogames so I moaned and chatted and argued and sulked the whole way round and after my snack I took it out on my Lego Heroes which are fortunately quite resilient to being chopped with a wooden sword from the shop at Fishbourne Roman Palace.
In due time, Flynn arrived and we took it in turns to loudly dismember purpose-built Lego Heroes, he was the Executioner and I was the Punisher, 2 Marvel Superheroes that have somehow failed to leave the drawing board. We resumed our ongoing battle between the Intergalactic Chicken and the Indestructible Bullet. So far, the chicken has moved to the Andromeda Galaxy and is hiding under dog's bottoms with a poultry-only forcefield: the bullet has cunningly disguised itself as another chicken (cry fowl at this point) to fox the field, and has duly inserted itself in the chook's chough*. We shall have to wait to see whether the chickadee can lay a bullet or a pullet.
*Member of the crow family

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