Monday, 8 February 2016

Stormogen: Whistling into the Wind

cherry picker access crane high lifterGood old Storm Imogen was doing well today, shame I had to go to work or I could have gone to the seafront to watch the waves, although the road was closed. Incidentally, it's national kite-flying day in the States, they would have done well over here. I got published in the monthly newsletter, reviewing the Year 5 sleepover
As you know, I am 'Newsreader #2' in the school play, which makes me a total anchor, apparently. So I took in my new whistle (Whistle and Toot - Suit) as my costume but didn't get to show it off today, it isn't dress rehearsal until Thursday.
signed photos from the red dwarf crew
So we had a full day of script run-throughs, and any student silly enough to forget their script received ritual humiliation at the hands of the sadistic teachers, with big gaps and everyone staring. And what do you know, Bud had taken my script to photocopy it, as part of saving my archives for the nation before I win my first 7 Oscars. Tomorrow, we aren't allowed to take them in as we're supposed to have learnt them all by then. He doesn't make it easy.
After school I went for my 2 1/2 kilometre run. I am fed up of going round and round the park so requested a new route which turned out to be down to Tunnel Park, across the grass and back down the pub passage. Of course 6 weeks of rain had left the park a quagmire so I needed to change trousers and socks and shoes (and mess up Jof's laundry rota) and the wind always blew in my face, didn't matter which way I was running. We saw many broken fences and lifted conservatory roofs and unhappy dogs.
In Scouts Flynn visited my bedroom and liked my signed photos but mostly my Nerf guns and then we did first-aid training for burns, lacerations, broken bones and so forth. We took it in turns to phone the emergency services and be the ambulance controller or triage nurse and bandaged or cling-filmed each other depending. Later Jof and I practised my lines while I still had access to my script, humph.

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