Sunday, 7 February 2016

Gorilla Gardening

deceased estate house sale moggs mead petersfieldJof was up last today which just goes to show. But while she had all the interesting jobs to do such as laundry and shopping, we picked up Obscure Cousin Margaret (78) at the station and drove north.
Petersfield is a 'historic market town' apparently, or so the sign says. Many of the houses are big and old and expensive, particularly in front of Heath Pond. I've been there a few times because it has some nice shops and an epic swingpark by the lake and top quality ice cream at the little kiosk. But we were there to do gardening. Margaret's friend had a house there before he died and she is in charge of selling the house so she asked us to make the garden nice for the estate agent to take the photos.
She had already cleared the inside of the house so we inspected it and it was empty, even the carpets had gone although there were quite a few dead bluebottles on the windowsills. He built up a fair old collection of flies in the months following his death but his body had been removed before I got there, for which I was thankful.
It is a 2-bed house in the less expensive end of town only but looks big and airy inside.
So I gave myself the job of chopper, and I chopped the hedges and bushes and raked the lawn and filled the green bags from the Co-op and chopped some more, however many times I was told to stop. We gardened for over 2 hours, surely I can get a Scout badge for that?
housing estate back garden petersfieldAnyway, it all looked a lot better and you could see the path and we got rained on a bit and we swept the moss off the conservatory roof and Margaret gave me a tenner for my hard work chopping and I shall spend it on Pokémon cards. When we dropped her back at the station, we were so skilful, her train was actually sitting there so she didn't have to wait at all.
At home, Jof cooked 500 sausage rolls for the school Friendship Disco (NOT the Valentine's Disco, you can't call it that, apparently) and I got bored. The wind made woo-ing noises as Storm Imogen passed overhead.

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