Friday, 26 February 2016

Dodgy Prawn Sandwiches

kid attacks with hockey stick escalatorI had an excellent day at work, of course. We started our new art project which is based on a French artist called Arrdoo-doo or something and what he does is draw a small animal and completely surround it with jungle foliage.
Apparently this French artist has never been to a real actual sweating hooting growing jungle but just cadges off other people's work and photos from folks who have got off their botties and captured the images themselves (and possibly Guinea worm, malaria and Dengue into the bargain).
Jof was tired having missed out on lunch because her pre-purchased yellow date-sticker-reduced lunch was a little on the ripe side, never good when it's prawns. So I regaled her at length and volume about our agenda for the morrow just when she really wanted to sit down with 9 cups of tea and a cake.
Later she remembered the film "Sharknado" so we invented Ratstorm and Snakano and Batquake, enough to make anybody giggle. And then I watched the Candide Thovex Youtube video "One of those Days 3" because you ought to.

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