Friday, 19 February 2016


In a break with tradition, I requested a free-day. Well, I always ask for a day where I don't even need to get dressed, but I rarely get them with Bud.
But this time we'd done enough exercise and spent enough money and seen enough new places and people this week so I got my wish which was nothing to do with the really large amounts of administrative OCD that was pending. The car had been going wrrrr....rrrr upon initial startup for a few weeks and you just don't need it failing to start when we're trying to drive home from Lyndhurst or Chichester or wherever so we took it to the garage and they phoned up to say what's wrong with it, then, works fine for us and we said try harder so they did and found work worth £379 of your Earth pounds, what do we pay these people for, I ask you. But all this not-leaving-the-house gave me the chance to play 9 different computer games in pyjamas, and gave him the chance to sort out my coin collection and add in the 45 new coins we got yesterday.
piles of assorted coins split into continents
So I checked in on him every now and then and took away all the coffee cups and then we paid the garage (not in coins) which was a load of old Poldarks (to coin a phrase) and I did swimming and was much better than everyone else at sculling so I was the demo-guinea-pig AGAIN and then at home we finished the coin sorting and we now have 1096 unique coins and gosh that's a lot. For Film Night I selected 'The Rock' with Connery and Cage because it's fun. OK, so I had to go to bed at 11 something but I was still happy.

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