Monday, 15 February 2016

I can see my House from Here

spinnaker tower portsmouth glass floorI am not allowed days where I don't do anything at all so we drove to the theatre. In fact, I thought it was Saturday as we took the same route at the same time in the same comfy trousers, but then we used their free car park and went up the Spinnaker Tower.
milton eastney hayling from spinnaker towerNow, I have indeed been up there before and danced merrily upon the glass floor but it was a nice day and you can see the roof of our house so where better to examine your own chimneypots from than 105 metres in the air getting blown about in the cold wind.
beach the hard portsmouthI didn't buy anything, squash any pennies or get my official photo so they missed out there. But I did have giant fish and chips in the pub and later, searched for crabs with some random boy on the stony beach in front of HMS Warrior 1860. I did find a limpet shell and a lot of seaweed but no crabs.
I did my 2.75 K run but got such a bad stitch that I ended up being overtaken by grannies. My choice for the evening film - Jaws.

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