Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Proof: Spirit of Enquiry

scatter remains at disneyland post mortemAbout three and a half years ago, we posed a perfectly reasonable scientific question involving the neodymium alloy hard disc drive magnets that Bud can get from his work.
Considering we have used them from time immemorial to stick things to the fridge (like certificates, colanders, the dates the recycling lorry comes round etc), it seemed only logical to ask, how many hard disc drive magnets does it take to securely suspend one child, attached to a steel shipping container?
Well, we've all asked this question, there are internet forums for it and Anneka Rice once presented a show where professors with bushy eyebrows argued over it. Well, it takes a special sort of Professor to answer it, and the answer was 20, see original post here. The years passed and I was just answering a question in the august publication that is the 'New Scientist' magazine when I stuck this photo on, and they loved it and tweeted it to their million and a half Twitter followers.
neodymium alloy hard disc drive magnetsSo today I took in my Predator model and the teacher said how come you know so much and I said from watching the films of course, and he said gosh you can't possibly, that's a little above your age grade. Then he asked how many pupils in the class have Instagram or Facebook accounts and more than half of them put their hands up and he said he would write to the websites to get us deleted because we're too young, probably just jealous.
We did a rehearsal for the play and I've been given some extra lines and because I'm a Newsreader, I have a natty suit and people kept stopping and looking at my suit when they were supposed to be doing the Imperial March and well, I'm not taking it off, they'll just have to get used to it.
boy gurning for photo
Funnily enough, Valentine's Day has been a bit issue of late. There is a rush to declare yourself attracted to somebody due to the sudden focus afforded by the date and many partnerships have been forged, so I owned up about Sydney at my acting class. Jof says it is no bad thing that my partner is outside school.
So I decided to get a Valentine's card. I am past the awkward stage of carding my own mother, we all are. But also, not really ready for all the big pink declarations of undying love and semi-nudes on offer at the corner shop, so I settled for a simple one which only said 'I've thought about it long and hard and that's the way I like you', and there were hardly any hearts at all. But when the parents saw my choice, they indicated it might be wrong so I'll go to Card Factory and try again. I mean, how was I supposed to know, I'm 10.
So we took half a million leftover sausage rolls and ham sandwiches to Wednesday Park because there were complaints last week that we didn't bring food any more. We were on our own for ages until Ben and Owen arrived to help eat them, something must be wrong, hardly anyone was there. But we got our exercise and distributed some largesse, just not to Robert. Later we got some props and costume together for the Newsreaders - 3 mugs and a pair of old glasses with the lenses taken out. It's going to be epic!

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