Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Squid Inc.

coke advert billboard fail engrishI really couldn't get going this morning. Perhaps the increase in exercise is getting to me.
After school I did my run around the park as before, starting out with gloves because it was cold, but they came off after a while as I got hot. I also wanted to finish before any of my friends arrived because I'm not ready to race any of them yet, and someone like Robert would beat me easily and might laugh at me.
When I met up with them later, we played all the usual stuff but I did sulk a bit and ended the day limping in both legs, which is difficult to pull off. Lights off 9pm, very tired. Sometimes tiredness makes people grumpy.
Incidentally, if I ever start a Calamari business, I shall call it Squid, Inc.

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