Saturday, 6 February 2016

Aurorus Maximus

Today was one of those days you don't want to end, absolutely full of stuff and things, including victories.
First, I had a 3-rasher bacon sandwich, another culinary delight inherited from my dear mother. I had the shower I failed to have last night and went off to my acting lesson. Of course the Panto season has finished and there really aren't any other suitable stage productions for me to be in currently so the whole Drama School will be doing another Showcase next month to show the poor old parents that they aren't wasting their money on moderately expensive childcare.
aurorus ex giant pokemon card frozen charm crystal breathSo we were making up a story using pictures printed out on our parents' work photocopiers and I helped so much by ad-libbing a script workaround for one of our number who just wanted to be a Zombie that I won the Oscar for Best Actor Of The Week, I told you it was only a matter of time before my talent was recognized. And then the pretty girl with the smiling face and I reached a special understanding and sadly it was time to go home.
But we didn't. Because one of Jof's customers had mentioned a jumble sale at St Swithun's church so we went there and Bud found another book about war and I found a Die-cast Star Wars Clone Trooper (2006) in its own display case on a plinth and it's metal with moveable limbs and it looks really cool. I saw it and thought of Ben, because he's really into Star Wars (or his Dad tells him to be) so I bought it for him.
We fought our way through the football-related traffic jam and I absolutely insisted on opening the Clone Trooper I'd bought as a present for Ben and I ripped the box and basically I really wanted one for myself so we had to battle our merry way right back through the football-related traffic jam to the same Church Hall and I ran in and bought the other one, unmolested by me, un-shredded, not interfered with and virgin clean inside, honest.
Then I couldn't open the first one because I didn't have a screwdriver on me.
So, (football traffic) we wended our happy way up to Toys'R'us where I knew that there was a special Pok√©mon set for £15. I did not find it, but there was a better and more expensive alternative with a giant card (next to a normal sized one in this picture so you can see the difference) and 5 packs and I got lots of EX's and ultra-rare OP cards and you'll just have to believe me on that, for I sure do.
We didn't have enough time to visit the Harvester restaurant because of the Clone Trooper-related detour so we got sandwiches at Tesco, gosh, we certainly know how to have a good time. Then we met the Scout leader at the Scout lock-up and took out 4 old POD tents which we shall try to sell on ebay, unless you want to take them off our hands. Then (still not finished) I did my run around the park but got the stitch from hell and walked most of the course, and on a day when I wanted to time myself as well, what a bummer.
As you know, I am to play Newsreader #2 in the school play so I needed a smart suit. Bud found one in a charity shop for only £8 and so here I am accepting my Oscar at the appropriate ceremony. Poor Jof had a headache for which the only cure was boxes of chocolate so I tested them all to make sure they were good, someone has to. My choice for supper viewing was 'Rambo' so Jof went off to do laundry and us chaps talked about knives and snowlines and typecast special forces Colonels.

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