Saturday, 20 February 2016

Beasting like a Boss

Started the day by watching Sean Connery kill people on Alcatraz Island in 'The Rock' because we had to stop watching at 11pm last night so Jof could go to bed.
somerstown portsmouth health centre building demolitionTherefore I didn't have breakfast until 1130 and then he tricked me into walking into town to buy Pokémon cards. On the way, we went a slightly circuitous route (I don't notice as I rarely pay attention to my surroundings) and ended up in Somerstown, a delightful leafy suburb full of delightful leafy inhabitants. One of the oppressive tower blocks on this sink estate was being demolished so we looked at the drainpipes and stuff hanging out of the building, and then checked out the new swingpark that you can see from the road.
It was epic with 2 ziplines, a swinging basket, a massive dome of ropes with 3 floors, attached net to tubular slide, rope walkway which bounces, logs aplenty, a roundabout, twirling see-saw, turning wheel, quite a lot of locals of whom only a few were English and some little climbers for smaller customers.
We tried it all out, I beasted the rope-dome like a boss or did I boss it like a beast, so easy to get those mixed up. I ended up in a zipline race with a French boy (I consider all foreigners French) and steadfastly refused to leave the park for nearly an hour, just because I'm 10 doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself in the drizzle with the simpler things in life. I can recommend this swingpark (the half-demolished building in the background won't be there forever) but it's not on your normal route anywhere.
somerstown community hub play parkFrom there we walked into town and I got my Pokémon and the homeward march was through a different warren of council housing, gosh, don't we have a lot of it here. We got home at 3 and Jof had already eaten lunch, so we had pizzas and watched 'Fantasy Homes By The Sea' in Mallorca to see if we knew any of it, and looked up our hotel on Google Earth. After acres of chocolate, it was Film Night Decision Time. He wanted Aliens 2 or Last Action Hero, I wanted Con Air so Jof settled on Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark because she'd bought the box set and it just so happens that the Jones + Lost Tomb is my topic for next term. Babbled myself to bed at about midnight, roll on teenagerism.

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